STRANGLER - Discount Cemetery
STRANGLER - Discount Cemetery
STRANGLER - Discount Cemetery


Discount Cemetery
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When passing through the seemingly peaceful city of Scranton, might think there is nothing more than old railways and coal mining museums. But there is way more than meets the eye in Scranton's dark history.

This city is home to one of the most notorious, yet largely unknown serial killers of the early 2000's. The Scranton Strangler. True crime fans have spent countless hours, some even years reviewing the facts from the case. Some even argue that an innocent man sits behind bars, while the real Scranton Strangler roams free...waiting to kill again.

This Scranton Strangler T-Shirt displays the killer's name this quiet city of Scranton would like you to forget.

- Bold Varsity font on a soft comfortable tee
- Black and yellow "electric city" colorway
- Custom PA Keystone neck tag