LT. UHURA - Discount Cemetery
LT. UHURA - Discount Cemetery
LT. UHURA - Discount Cemetery

LT. UHURA (S left)

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Lt. Uhura was one of the most important roles in television history. She lead the iconic USS Enterprise with intelligence, courage and grace. Uhura was more than a science fiction all-star, she was a cultural icon. She smashed racial prejudices and paved the way, past the television screen - inspiring NASA and millions of people worldwide, through many generations. 

We honor Nichelle Nichols and her legacy with this design. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Nichelle Nichols Charity.

Nichelle Nichols, the iconic African American actress and performer is best known and loved as ‘Lt. Uhura’ on the original Star Trek television series. As the first black woman in a non-traditional role on 1960s TV, her beauty, intelligence, and moxie inspired millions of women, especially women of color, in their aspirations, education, and vision for the future.

From the late 1970s Nichelle’s relations with NASA included recruiting many astronaut candidates for the Space Shuttle program. Many of her recruits were women or members of racial and ethnic minorities including Mae Jemison, Sally Ride, and Ronald McNair, just to name a few.

Nichelle has helped enrich and inspire millions of people around the world. Now, her family is asking us for support. Nichelle's legacy is under attack. She is now the center of a complicated legal battle and also living with Dimentia. There is strong evidence to support elder abuse from her manager, as well as toxic ulterior motives on his behalf. Her sister has set up a fund, to support their family in seeking justice for Nichelle, as they work towards protecting Nichelle's life and legacy. 

  •  Purple ink on a Black Tee Shirt 

  • Gender Neutral Fit 

  • 100% Ringspun Cotton 

  • Made with an Eco-Friendly process 

  • Printed and Shipped in Los Angles, California 

Photos : Nicole @riveraxn

Jimmy @madmunkeysbasementpt2


Sizing Info: 
S - 28" length / 18" width 
M - 29" length / 20" width 
L - 30" length / 22" width 
XL - 31" length / 24" width 
2XL - 32" length / 26" width 
3XL - 33" length / 28" width 



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