ROSWELL '47 tank top - Discount Cemetery
ROSWELL '47 tank top - Discount Cemetery
ROSWELL '47 tank top - Discount Cemetery

ROSWELL '47 tank top (S left)

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Our ROSWELL '47 tank top  is for the Truth Seekers. The Star Gazers. The ones that do not follow what the system tells them to believe. 

In the year 1947, there was an unusually high number of UFO sightings, with over 300 claims by the year's end.

Most notably was On July 4th, 1947. New Mexico Rancher Mac Brazel visited Foster Ranch and discovered the "Roswell crash" debris. On July 7th, Brazel took some of debris to local sheriff George Wilcox. The US Air Force was notified and Col. Blanchard of the Roswell Air Force Base was brought to the scene. The crash site was evaluated, and on July 8th it was reported that a "Flying Saucer" had been discovered.

The Air Force quickly changed the narrative, stating that the wreckage was nothing more than a weather balloon. The key witness Mac Brazel then made a strange apology and shifts his testimony to mirror this newly framed explanation from the US Air Force.

In 1978, Key Intelligence Office Marcel, who was on the scene of the crash site admitted in interviews he believed the wreckage was definitely not a weather balloon.  Furthermore, he gave detailed explanation regarding the metal found at the crash site having properties that were not of this earth.  A "Cosmic Watergate" was uncovered, as other newly discovered information unraveled and pointed to a cover-up being orchestrated by government officials in 1947 at Roswell.

This cover-up was admitted to be legitimate by the US Air Force in 1994, as the US government went on record confirming their statements in 1947 were not truthful.  They then went on to explain the Roswell Incident was a result of their top secret "Project Mogul" experiment. 

All Air Force records from 1947 were strangely lost in a fire, and the United States continued to stand by the Roswell incident being a top secret weather experiment.

We are left with many questions.

Why did Col. Blanchard and Mac Brazel both leave their jobs shortly after the Roswell incident ?
Why were hundreds of eyewitness completely ignored ? Reliable sources state that the actual crash materials were substituted for weather balloon materials. Where are the remains ?

  • Light yellow ink on a military olive drab tank 
  • Gender Neutral fit, muscle style tank top 
  • 60/40 Cotton Poly Blend 
XS - 27" length / 16" width 
S - 28" length / 17.5" width 
M - 29" length / 19" width 
L - 30" length / 20.5" width 
XL - 31" length / 22.5" width 
2XL - 32" length / 24.5" width 


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