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BURBS BAD KARMA sand - Discount Cemetery


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About this design: 

This shirt pays tribute to Joe Dante's highly quotable, infinitely watchable and totally incredible "The Burbs". 

"Back in Vietnam we used to call this type of thing Bad Karma..." 

"Go For it Mr. Peterson... YES !"

Art and Ray's first encounter with the Klopek Residence still has us "buzzing" with excitement, even all these decades later. Here, the guys face their fears...knock, knock...knock on the front door...only to be swarmed by killer bees! 

The back features a high quality print of Art and Ray running for their lives! The front features the Klopek's Killer Bees! 

We modeled the shirt to look like a genuine Film Crew shirt that Joe Dante would have given to his team after filming to celebrate it's completion. 

  • Sand Color ( light tan) 
  • 100% Ringspun Gender Neutral Fit 
  • Front and Back print 
  • High Quality Side Seamed Tapered Fit 


Sizing Info: 
S - 28" length / 18" width 
M - 29" length / 20" width 
L - 30" length / 22" width 
XL - 31" length / 24" width 
2XL - 32" length / 26" width 
3XL - 33" length / 28" width 

Screen printed using professional grade equipment in Los Angeles, CA. Color and design may slightly vary from photo.