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TIE DIE BELA blood red

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Our Classic Monsters series just got groovier! 100% Made by hand, right here in Los Angeles with a whole lotta love. 

Just the right way to keep on truckin' through the year in style. 

Additional Information : 

These are small batch, limited run designs. Each colorway matches the feel of it's mathching monster.

  • Wolfman is on Chocolate Brown 
  • Frankenstein is on Dark Green 
  • Dracula is on Blood Red

We used high quality dies and finishing solvents to lock in your color for the long haul. We recommend washing in cold water to maximize the life of your shirt. For additional sizing information, visit our size info page. 

Because these are all tie-dyed by hand, Each pattern is one of a kind, and truly unique. Therefore your shirt may appear slightly different than the one displayed here. If you would like an exact photo, we can provide upon request - email discountcemetery@gmail.com with any questions. 

Stay Spooky, Groovie Ghoulies !