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About this design:

Come a little closer, I wanna tell you a secret. Closer....closer....closer....I am going to tell you the tale of how this latest and gravest design came to be.

Ever notice strange patterns emerging? Crop circles, deja vu, chanting at night...many of our favorite creepy happenings seem less likey a coincidence and more likely evidence of the uncanny, strange and paranormal.

When it comes time to lay the ink down here at the cemetery, it is tradition in our dark art to do a test print on a shirt. When it came time to test the very first Groundskeeper design, we had to run it a few times to get it just right. When we pulled the tester shirt off the press, we noticed a strange repeating pattern created in the process.

Is anything ever really a mistake? Do we ever notice the ripple effects we make? This all analog design pays tribute to leaving your mark, not overthinking things and celebrating the accidents and imperfections that make us who we are.

About this garment: 

Fleece lined, extremely comfortable mid weight shorts screen printed by hand in Los Angeles. Drawstring waistband. Jersey lined pockets, 2 in front one in back. Casual relaxed fit. Runs true to size. 

XS - length: 19.5" / waist extended: 19" relaxed: 14" 
S: length: 20" / waist extended: 20" relaxed: 15" 
M: length: 20.5" / waist extended: 21" relaxed: 16" 
L: length: 21" /  waist extended: 22" relaxed 17"
XL: length: 21.5" / waist extended 23" relaxed: 18" 
2XL: length: 22" / waist extended: 24" relaxed: 19.5"