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Discount Cemetery's "Cemetery Sounds - Vol. 1"

Attn: Skeleton Crew - you did it! The very first Discount Cemetery Mixtape is streaming now on Spotify! Thank you for sharing your songs with us!

Cemetery Sounds Vol. 2 Track List

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Discount Cemetery Spotify Playlist Cemetery Sounds Mixtape

Discount Cemetery's "Cemetery Sounds - Vol. 2"

 IT'S ALIVE!! Vol. II of "Cemetery Sounds" is now streaming on Spotify! It's all new & made by you! That's right, this compilation is curated by you - the Skeleton Crew! ☠ Thanks for participating, we fit as many creepy tracks as possible on this playlist - just in time for Halloween night. 🎃 Follow the "Cemetery Sounds Vol. 2" playlist - 🎧 Play it loud and get nice and creepy! Happy Halloween! 

Cemetery Sounds Vol 1 Track ListCemetery Sounds Vol 1 Track List

Spotify Playlist here


Discount Cemetery's "Cemetery Sounds - Vol. 3"
These mix tapes are 100% compiled by you, the Skeleton Crew! Streaming on Spotify just in time for Valentines Day. Consisting of tons of tracks, all in the name of love. 
Spotify Playlist here

Discount Cemetery's "Cemetery Sounds - Vol. 4"
Let's rock the graveyard to dust! This mixtape is the latest in a series made by you, The Skeleton Crew! Just in time for Halloween 2020! This one bangs so hard, it will wake the dead!
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