I would like to exchange my items. Can I ? 

Why, yes you can. But that is never fun for anyone. We recommend you double check the sizing page before finalizing your purchase, if you are not certain. Also, feel free to contact us with any sizing questions you may have. By purchasing items from Discount Cemetery, you are supporting our dream. Why are we mentioning this in the FAQ page under exchange guidelines? Because your clothing is an extension of who you are. Your comfort and confidence matter when you are getting ready to leave your home and conquer your own world. And your shirt needs to fit in order for that to happen. That's where we come in, and that whole dream thing we just mentioned. So, if you want to exchange your shirt, cool. We got your back. Let's please do it as soon as possible, and the shirt has to be in like new condition. But, like we said - let's only do this as a last resort if we have to. In order to keep our prices low for everyone, the buyer is responsible for paying shipping costs for the exchange. 


I would like to be notified when a product is back in stock ! What should I do? 

First and most important thing is - remain calm. The good news is that Discount Cemetery is located only miles away from the garment district in Los Angeles, city of angels. And also city of garments. And great mexican food. So, if you do not see your size available - and want to know when / if it will be available - let us know ! 


How long does it take for me to receive my order ? 

Please allow 2-10 days to process your order, then it will depart the beautiful local USPS facility in the San Fernando Valley, and arrive to your doorstep at the shipping speed you choose at checkout. Please be patient, we are a one man and one woman operation, and three cats, occasionally raccoons and one squirrel operation - but none of them really help out. They just eat, all of the time. Oh yeah by the way, thank you again for your order. All of this cat food really adds up. Hopefully one day we can make Danzig Money and not have to worry about it. 

I did not receive my order. What should I do ? 

Don't fret. Almost all of the time, this is because it is getting late in the night, your postal worker is slightly behind on their deliveries, so they scan dropped off - but still have it on the truck and will bring it the next day. Or, they are new and dropped it off at the wrong house. Sometimes it is being held at your local USPS facility. Reach out to us and we can help, you are provided a tracking number - together we can search and destroy. Iggy Pop style. 

You cite Horror / Sci-Fi and Punk Rock as your inspiration. How do I know you are really "Punk Rock" ? 

Great question. We support small businesses by using them for all of the main resources needed in operating Discount Cemetery. We also believe treating your fellow humans with respect is a must. So we do our part to donate clothing and participate in different events to help out our city and community. Oh, and we really love Dischord Records. 

I would like to carry Discount Cemetery products wholesale. What should I do ? 

Great decision. Like the Cramps said, you got good taste. Please use the Contact Us page and email us, so we can discuss wholesale pricing. Thanks!