Discount Cemetery

Our Values:

Punk rock, sci-fi, horror.

We believe these things create a much needed commentary that can, & does in fact change the world. We want to do our part to contribute and bring forth change to our community, and create clothing that is as unique and awesome as you are.

 About Us: 

Discount Cemetery is operated by 2 mortal souls in the depths of the hotter than hell on earth that is the San Fernando Valley in beautiful Los Angeles, California. We create all our designs here in house. From conception, to curing the inks on the garments, we literally do every single step, together. 

About our Shirts :

Discount Cemetery started off two kids full of hope and an old Volkswagen half full of gasoline. We would drive to Downtown LA and fill the car, floor to ceiling with blank shirts. 

Now, we are proud to say we have evolved and secured a local provider that has worked with us to provide the perfect blank shirt for our customers. We still drive downtown, but now it's for live music and king taco. 

You can expect the following with any of our shirts: 

  • True Unisex Fit 
  • Soft, High Quality Ringspun Cotton 
  • Modern Fit plus a little room for comfort 

Very Best, Stay Spooky ! 

- Spencer & Colleen