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237 FILM CREW mustard

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In the late 1970's, Stanley Kubrick set out to create the scariest movie of all time. He succeeded. The Film Crew consisted of dedicated individuals, all of which were hand picked by Stanley to carry out his vision. He also was joined by the creator of the Steadicam, a tool of the trade that was pushed to it's limits during filming, and was the catalyst for some of the movies most memorable scenes. 

During wrap parties, the director will often times give film crew shirts to their crews as a token of their appreciation. 

What if Stanley were to give his crew a souvenir at a wrap party in 1980. What would it look like ? Well, here at Discount Cemetery, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a shirt that pays tribute to this incredible film. 

Shirt Details: 

  • Mustard colorway 
  • 100% Ringspun Gender Neutral Fit 
  • Front and Back print