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Kubrick - Yellow - Discount Cemetery

Kubrick - Yellow

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Today marks a major breakthrough in American History. Proprietery government documents have been declassified. Although they have been scrubbed by CIA intel, key facts remain. Discount Cemetery has been granted exclusive access to reproduce a piece of uniform that was proudly worn for several months in the Summer of 1969.  We cannot name our sources, or how long this will be avaialble. 

What we do know is nothing short of incredible. What was once discarded as conspiracy, we now know as complete reality.

What we know:

Hasselblad 500EL cameras were used to collect data only. Kubrick demanded Panavision 70mm film along with strange projection techniques for all filming at the soundstage. Nasa comprimised by allowing Kubrick access to top secret cameras, decades ahead of their time. This technology was given the code name "Nasavision" to satisfy Kubricks love for Panavision cameras and lenses.

The document does not confirm any "Moon Room" theories, however it does speak in great depth to soundstage schematics and includes call sheets.

Although the document has been immediately pulled back, giving reason to believe a second decision - we have managed to save what we could from the 700+ page dossier.

Kubrick Shirt Details :

  • Golden yellow color to honor Kubricks legacy.     (Both The Shinning / 2001 used this colorway)
  • Features Kubrick / Nasa "Futura" hybrid font variant (Coined "The first font on the moon" ) 
  • Properitary "Nasavision" Camera logo 
  • Rare Genuine Apollo 11 "Alternate" Logo